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Time to be trendy!

Fashion Week in Madrid. Oficially called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2016. The ever known as Pasarela Cibeles. So the place to be, without missing a thing and taking the most of the trendy wise ones of Spain.

We have accomplished with the protocol during our “Baptism” here in Cibeles assisting first to the traditional opening party by YoDona (have we told you that they gave us an Award? ;) ) which means the starting signal of this madrilean Fashion Week. We had a walk through the “Ciberspace”, attended to the different shows and met a lot of those trendy ones at the kissing room. A perfect ten!

And you are wondering: What is the deal between fashion and trends with our Martinycas? It´s true (and we won´t get tired to repeat it) that we are slowfashion and our designs, something timeless but it´s true at the same time we felt like a fish in water in this Madrid Fashion Week 2016. Why? Because we have encounter a wide group of designers trying to bring the Spain Brand to the highest of the tops. And we have the same aim in that point.

Crossing our borders is one of the greatest challenges of the Spanish fashion industry. Some brands done it and are internationally known already and some others, are on the way. Currently our sales are expanded around twelve countries and we have the knowledge we are perceived as a quality guarantee.

 And that is something we saw too at this Fashion Week 2016: great quality and lots of handcraft tradition in embroidery, lace and hand-finished pieces

In the end, the after taste of well done works, flecked with risk and madness, hallmarks of the Spain Brand. ¡Viva España!