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Martinycas for two

Your MMARTINYCA sandals for Men and Woman will combine with your summer and will make you walk thousands of kilometers comfortably ... and always looking cute!

  • For the most practical:If you are one of those who do not like to make life a complicate thing, a pair of camel color menorquinas are your solution. And they match with everything!

- For Her: Martinycas Abarcas Frescas Camel Picasso

-For Him: Martinycas avarcas Rustica Camel

  • For the most daring: If discretion is not for you...No problem!! The heel-strap and the upper of these leather sandals will not go unnoticed, that´s for sure ;)

- For Her and for Him: Martinycas Abarcas Revival Electric Blue y Fluor Yellow

  • For the most elegant: There are special nights that deserve that elegant touch only a good avarca can give you. This mix & match is the favourite for long summer nights.

- For Her: Platform Martinycas avarcas. Desmouth 11cm Wedding Glitter White

-  For Him : Martinycas Abarcas Rustica Spanish Arizona

For the more adventurous: You are a pair of avid hikers who enjoy the most every day touring the most unsuspected corners. Then, you need a very flexible sandal, with recycled tire sole that can stand it all.

- For Her: Martinycas Avarcas Bio Tapat in black
- For Him:
Avarcas Bio blue