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Spot imitations!

How to Recognize the original ones..

Do you think it may be difficult to differentiate an authentic pair of abarcas Menorquinas sandals than one that is not ?

We show you how to get around between the world of the fakes abarcas and the real ones.


If you want to buy a pair of Abarcas, traditional name of this footwear, (in many places is written with "v" Avarca, which is Menorca’s language, that’s why,  also many people call them Menorquinas instead of abarcas) you must know these tricks that we explain below to identify a genuine abarcas thanthe artificial imitation shoes of others.


1- Real Tire: The seal of identity and quality of the rustic and handmade abarcas sandals, is their recycled sole, made with the tyres of the cars. In Spain, the tyres have evolved greatly, and the new technologies introduced into the wheel, it is often more difficult to get the recycled process, so there are many imitation rubber soled sandals instead of recycled tire.

To identify which one is using the reycled, for example, in all Martinycas sandals, is easy to know it, because you can see the letters or numbers printed of the brands of tires as Dunlop, Silvestone , Bridgestone, Goodyear,,, Etc. (Look at the picture of our soles)


2- Leather Sandals (Base, strap and Upper). The leather sandals maintains a glove-like feel so our clients that they are looking for the best comfort will feel connected to their feet. For the sandals which perfectly suit the shape of your skin they need to be made with high quality leather on those parts of the sandal: shoe insole, strap of the hell and the upper of the sandal, at first, the abarcas is already extremely tight as it is, and using them two days, naturally given to guarantee absolute comfort (The leather always carefully stretched slightly)

The abarcas menorquinas that are not genuine , are made many times by plastic or imitation leathe insole, to get lower the cost of production. The plastic insole, make you sweat, and will break quickly loosing the comfort and quality to make a long-life footwear.

original avarcas sandals made in menorca

We don’t use varnishes in the insole of our Martinycas abarcas so you will see the natural colour of the leather, all are unique because they never have the same color.


3- Elastic pneumatic band  in the strap heel : Decide which of these 3 tricks is the most important, to identify some authentic sandals, it's hard to say, but the key of the abarcas sandals, is that you do not need strapped or knots or loops, to hold the foot, so if this part is not well done, can not fix your heels and  you will loose the sandals when you have used 10 times (the strap will fall down always from your heel). The heel strap is made by the tire, inserted into the leather, to make this elastic effect. Although it is difficult to detect because the tire is hidden because the sewn of the leather. You can try to detect it, checking pushing with your fingers the leather covers, It the strap is not thick and strong, if you fell it soft , they have not gotten any elastic material as the tire.

 avarcas autenthic sandals

MMARTINYCA follows the traditional processes by the Menorcan artisans, and always takes out one side of the strap, where you can see the part of the tire.

Ah! This is not a trick but remember that the toes can not go out, because you'll be buying some flip flops instead of a Menorcan sandals;)

We hope you have a little clearer as buy!


Click here if you want to see the rustic pattern of our sandals.