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And the winner is… MMARTINYCA!!! Alright... Maybe to pretend we have won an Oscar is a bit too much, but is the way we have begun the year: winning an award and feeling like movie star. Yes, we got emotional, is how it is, but the chance deserves it: Our Martinycas have succeeded at the YoDona Awards! We are the winners of the Fashion and Beauty category with our “groundbreaking avarcas” as the magazine has described them.

Many of you are asking how our traditional designs, made by hand in Spain and following the handcraft rules can be refreshed. The YoDona judges have found the answer in the innovative and original designs of our Martinycas, giving a big value to the sustainable footstep we are trying to leave in our planet as well.

It is true the first thing that calls your attention is the trendy design of its colours and materials or the cool wedges and platforms we have added to our avarcas, but Martinyca goes further committing for timeless high quality models. We feel comfortable doing slowfashion because we do believe in timeless and long-lasting designs…But we know Martinycas are an outstanding trend for this 2016 too.

As we told you the YoDona Awards judges highlighted the innovation over a traditional product as the menorquina avarcas are. Martinycas are made by hand in Spain, exactly in Menorca, the place where are manufactured. If in its origin the island farmers begun making this shoes with tractor tires, we elaborate the soles with recycle car tires, using first quality materials and really soft leather for the rest of the structure.

So if you get a pair of Martinycas as a 2016 fashion accessory, you will find an exclusive shoe of such a good condition that you will be able to use it for years. Leave an award winner footmark this summer!

Here you can find more pic of the event and the video of the day of the Awards.