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Hello, World!

D-Day. H-Hour. All ready. Martinycas on( almost as it was an armor) Just in the moment in which the early bird guests begin to come in our showroom. Yes, today is the day : our Martinycas are going to be presented in society ... and we want everything to be perfect!

We trust in our product: high quality, handcrafted tradition, innovative design... We know our showroom "La Guinda de Serrano" in the Madrilean “Milla de Oro” (Golden Mile)is more than a good meeting point. But what if the rest don´t think that "our children is the cutest one" as we do? Luckily our doubts and nerves began to dispel.

Between toast and toast with champagne, our guests had a look to the Martinycas and were surprised with its soft and supple leather and the feeling of its pads on their feet. Or were feeling the party queen on their glitter platforms.

Many dusted off their memories of Menorca, while a video showed them how our island craftsmen made lovingly the avarca they now had on their hands. And some others realized of our concern in leaving a sustainable imprint when turned a Martinyca and saw the brand of the recycled tires we use to make the soles! The Martinycas brought the flavor of the coves, the sea and the holidays. The desire of summer . Our mantra “slow fashion” floated in a relaxed atmosphere in which we could share our Martinycas with the press, blogs and shops. And yes, we think they like us . And we want to thank to those who made a break in their daily madness to join us. But what excites us the most is you to enjoy their Martinycas for many, many summers.