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The connection with our Menorcan Shoes

There are times when only the distance gives you the right measure of how much you miss something. It just happened to us. Stuck in the maelstrom of the everyday life, purchases and sales, public relations, SEO, meetings and visits, we had not realized in the absolute necessity of reconnection with our roots.  The truth is that it was a really long time (really, really long) without having a chance to enjoy of this beautiful island, but... Yes, dear, we are back after spending several days in Menorca.

 Of course, we have returned with our fully batteries charged. You know, the menorcan breeze… But certainly, the most rewarding things happenedaround our workshops. Once again, we could check that our Martinycas acquire their meaning in his crib, where expert hands shape lasts, tips and heels.

Again, we have experimented the meaning of LUXURY. With capital letters. It's no wonder that the Spanish footwear is the best in the world. Quality, love and the accuracy of exceptional craftsmen that are the ones who get the shoe made until it becomes an object of desire for the rest of the world ( even Stuart Weitzman himself manufactures in Elda). And not only footwear: lace, silverware, handbags...The Spanish geography is dotted with small workshops that give that luxurious touch to the best international brands.

Unfortunately, our artisans begin to enter the category of "endangered species". If you look at our industry, the figures are alarming: only in the Mediterranean coast, over 150 factories have been closed already. The 85% of our Spanish artisans shoemakers are over 55 years old... So if these sages do not transmit their experience to young people, in 10 years the historical heritage in the art of making the best shoe of the world will be destroyed.