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We can´t stop

It is a non-stop. Our Martinycas can stop travelling. In fact, we have graphic evidences of their stops in Bali, Australia, Japan, the Caribbean ... But the visit of these roads will be left to another time because today, when thinking about the amount of kilometers that our Martinycas are making, the footprints they are leaving on the way are first thing that comes to mind.

 As you know, we want to contribute to the protection of the environment. Hence we speak of "sustainable footprint" because the soles of our sandals are made of recycled tires. But our concept of sustainability goes further and splashes to our economic and social environment.

We manufacture by hand in Menorca and there are several craft workshops working for us. Traditional trades that have been working lovingly for years, from generation to generation, offering an exceptional quality. With this commitment, we aim to generate wealth and holding family economies as we attempt to sustain this profession over the years. The world can´t afford to loose that much talent!