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Choose the perfect avarca fot those sun and waves days

A pair of Menorcan abarcas in leather are always a safe bet for the perfect beach day. Bye, bye, flip-flops!!! Here we tell you why:

  • For its perfect support: Thanks to its heel-strap, made of recycled tire lined with genuine leather, your avarcas will never come out. So to reach the favorite cove no matter if by sand or by the rock, you will not lose them along the way!

  • Because they are very comfortable: Flexibility is a maximum when it comes to foot care. And because of this, Martinyca men's sandals for men and for men, have a recycled tire sole completely moldable to each type of pavement. Unlike the espadrilles, your Minorcan will not bloat to the minimum that they rub the water.

  • Because they get more beautiful with the use: Thanks to the careful selection of natural leather Martinycas avarcas will look increasingly beautiful.

  • Because you will avoid scratches: No more plastic! In addition to its heel-strap and upper, the sole of your Martinycas is also totally composed of noble leather, to avoid excessive sweating. In addition their hand-finished seams by our Menorcan craftsmen team will avoid any friction in your feet.

  • And because they look great with everything: Yes, we know ... you are on vacation in the least instagrameable place on earth, does not mean that you do not want to look cute. It's okay and we mind it too. And that is the reason why you will always look great with your Menorcan avarcas: a never out of fashion classic. Most of all, if you like risky tones.