Local and
eco-premium fashion

Preserve the legacy of the wisdom of the Master Shoemakers and maintain alive the heritage and traditions of Menorca

our circular economy

Menorcan Master
shoemakers Project

The main goal of this project is to preserve an ancestral trade, the master shoemaker, as a heritage of our culture and thus generate wealth for local artisan families.


What does it consist of?

MMARTINYCA has a completely local and artisanal production, keeping intact the 18th century recipe created by the wisdom of the master shoemakers of Menorca.

All our Martinycas are unique pieces, made 100% by hand, and pass through at least 8 artisan hands: shoe last specialist, the cutter, La Seamstress and the Master Shoemaker, to obtain a finish that guarantees exclusive quality.

we employ Master shoemakers to produce abarcas sandals for you and you keep the craft alive.