The wheel is a waste that takes more than 1000 years to disintegrate and is extremely toxic.
Recycling and giving new life to every old wheel is good and necessary for all.

For each pair, you allow us to recycle 1 more wheel and contribute to creating something Fascinating…

The largest recycling wheel in Spain:
players on wheels

Until now, every old wheel that you change in a workshop, is taken to a recycling center. The problem is that 85% are abandoned with no way out, becoming a graveyard for wheels, which in turn is a danger: due to stagnation of water, a potential breeding ground for the dengue mosquito and, furthermore, if these wheels burn, they produce extremely toxic emissions into the atmosphere that kill people and nature.

The wheel It is implemented in any main activity and it is everyone’s responsibility to end this environmental disaster.

That is why we started this GREAT RECYCLING WHEEL.

What does gamers on wheels consist of?

For every pair of Martinycas you buy, you enter the Jugones Sobre Ruedas club, where we recycle a wheel to make your sandals with unique soles and you will be donating a wheel to plant sustainable basketball courts around the world.

How do we give a new life to a used wheel?


Unceasing support

MMARTINYCA began the development of these tracks in 2018 and since then companies such as Bridgestone, number 1 in the world of tires and actors such as number 1 athletes in Spain and Olympic players such as Marc, have joined the project. Gasol, Lydia Valentin, Sergio Rodriguez, Gemma Mengual, Sergio Llull, Victor Claver, etc. To promote this beautiful project and get the largest number of tracks planted, to take sustainable sport to all corners of Spain.

The first sustainable track in the world that we have createdwill be planted in the Spanish NGO Holystic Pro Africa, which works for the inclusion of children with physical and psychological needs.

Get to know the project here.

We help you leave another mark on the planet. Be part of this great wheel by buying any of our products.