Simple. A shoe should do more than dress a foot beautifully and we have created the perfect formula:

Starting with a clear, honest and circular process


We recycle
to create.

We have not invented the wheel, but we do recycle them to create unique soles. Strong and durable.

We maintain an artisan trade.

We recover a brilliant design from the 18th century, based on the original footwear of the fishermen of Menorca Island.

We elaborate, one by one, 100% by hand, keeping intact the wisdom of the island’s master shoemakers.

We believe in
sustainable luxury.

Luxury and sustainability are rarely used in the same sentence. We do that. Today it is a luxury that your shoes last more than 10 years.

Do the math. One wheel goes more than 10,000 km. Our soles will.

We think we do the right thing:
you buy 1 pair = you recycle 1 wheel.

We circulate with this balance, and thus help the planet to eliminate its toxic emissions that kill people and nature.

We have a true romance with life. That is why each wheel is recycled and used to create solutions to improve people’s lives.

At your feet, comfort. In your hands, an artisan trade, heritage of our culture.


“A used wheel, a raw material capable of having new lives only if we use our imagination”